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"Rapid Service Alert is the easiest and most systematic way of getting the right people on the right task or maintenance job at the right time."

Set. Schedule. Perform. Track

Manage daily tasks and schedule maintenance checks to ensure greater efficiency, productivity and accountability. Automated alerts ensure that staff, contractors, and all other relevant persons are always up-to-date and in the loop.

Easy & Intuitive Layout

Our maintenance scheduling tool is designed for ease of use to ensure a smooth and easy rollout to your team - no training required!

Increase efficiency & accountability

Generate automated reports about upcoming tasks, due dates, and much more. Provide a structured environment for your team to work efficiently and ensure that important tasks are completed timeously.

Rapid Service Alert Features


What is Rapid Service Alert used for?

Rapid Service Alert can be used to manage any repetitive task and its related actions. This can include (but is not limited to) audits, inspections, preventative maintenance, asset management and contract renewals.

What does start for free mean?

Rapid Service Alert allows you to start using the system for free for up to 5 users. If you wish you are then able to upgrade your package should you require more users.

Am I limited to the number of tasks I can complete in the free version?

No. You are however limited to only 5 users.

How many users does the free system provide?

You are allocated 5 users in the free system. You as the administrator are counted as one user and you then have 4 users available that can be allocated to workers. When you set up a worker (allocate a job or task to a person) this person will count as one user.

Who are classified as users?

Users are anyone who either creates a task (an administrator) or is allocated a task (a worker) in Rapid Service Alert.

How do users login?

Login is via a user name and password. When an administrator adds a worker to their system they are sent an email prompting them to login with their email address and create a password.

Can I set how often my task needs to be repeated?

Yes. Simply set the repetition rate and Rapid Service Alert will take care of automating the reoccurring task by sending it at the allocated time and date to the worker.

Can I attach documents to my tasks when sending it to a worker to complete?

Yes. It is a good idea to attach documents such as safe work method statements (SWMS), procedures or any other resources to assist the worker to complete the job.

Can the worker attach worksheets or documents when completing the task?


What if, while completing the task, the worker discovers there are actions that need to be completed, such as the need to arrange removal of asbestos?

Rapid Service Alert allows for this and the worker is able to create actions for completion.

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