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More than replacing your visitor sign in book.

Revolutionise the way you welcome visitors and contractors to your site or building. Rapid Visitor Access is available as a touch-screen or tablet solution providing point of entry electronic sign in for all your visitors.

Greet your visitors and contractors with a sign in process that is state of the art. Suitable for both manned and unmanned stations, visitor management systems provide point of entry sign in and record of attendance. Safety site induction information and site maps are displayed to each visitor. Visitors then select the person they wish to see from an automated list, with all visits and visitors logged electronically.

“Rapid Visitor Access ensures you present your best to every visitor on arrival and is simply the easiest and most affordable way to manage site visitor attendance.”


  • Visitor Arrives
  • Enters Name
  • System searches to see if the visitor has attended recently
  • If first time visitor – details completed and photo taken
  • Complete safety induction
  • Select person (host) to visit
  • Print Label
  • Sign out on exit


  • Visitor and contractor sign in and sign out
  • Automated email notification of visitor arrival
  • Includes safety induction and site maps
  • Instant evacuation list printing and online view
  • Touch screen, iPad and tablet options
  • Printed labels or ID cards
  • Photo ID of visitor
  • Collect visitor contact information
  • Customised fully branded to your business
  • Option to manage and track contractor hours
  • Includes ability for visitor to report any incidents
  • Able to integrate with alcohol testing units
  • Option to integrate with key access units such as Key Watcher


Rapid Visitor Access typically is set up with a touchscreen or iPad or tablet and a label printer. All hardware can be provided by Rapid Global.

Yes. Rapid Visitor Access comes with administrator access so that you can alter any of the displayed information such as host names or information that is presented in the online induction/orientation course (i.e. site map).

Yes. One of the features of Rapid Visitor Access is that we provide a fully custom branded package to your business to ensure all visitors to your premises see your company profile matched on the visitor induction system.

Yes the standard system comes complete with a label printer and visitor labels featuring your logo and the visitors details.

Yes. Rapid Global creates all of our products in house, meaning that as the creators of the software we are able to customise and modify the applications to suit our clients’ needs. Speak to one of our sales staff about your requirements to obtain a quote.

Yes. The electronic signature option is often used by clients who require an agreement or sign off on terms and conditions before permitting site entry. This might be the case if the site is a sterile environment, has particular security protocols or is high risk and requires the visitor to agree to enter at own risk.

Yes definitely. Both Rapid Visitor Access and Rapid Access systems can be combined into the one touchscreen unit. We can design the system to incorporate all categories of persons entering the site and include swipe cards for contractors or workers as well as labels for visitors.

Yes. Our clients are worldwide. You have the option of sourcing your hardware locally yourself if you prefer and we will provide the software and setup or we can ship the entire unit hardware included to you wherever you are located. The flexibility of our systems is our strength.