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Rapid Service Alert

The to-do list you’ve been waiting for.

Manage daily tasks, schedule maintenance checks and ensure greater efficiency, productivity and most of all, accountability. Rapid Service Alert is a user-friendly online software system for the scheduling and allocation of tasks, including equipment maintenance and service alerts to suppliers and internal staff.

Rapid Service Alert allows your team to schedule regular reminders for the tasks they must complete, enabling instant notifications of task and service requirements. The program can be used for regular reminders for all management tasks, including audits, re inspections and checklists. Any regular tasks can be scheduled and tracked with Rapid Service Alert. Notifications and alerts will be delivered directly to the allocated/ responsible person, contractor, or supplier – even if they’re all the way across the country.

“Isn’t it time you trusted the easiest and most systematic way of getting the right things done at the right time?”


  • Set new task
  • Schedule. i.e. Yearly
  • Task is sent to worker. Attach associated notes, documents or actions.
  • Perform. Worker completes task.
  • Track. Check task for completion, with the option to close or reject.
  • Future task auto created for next due date

“Rapid Service Alert is simply the easiest and most systematic way of getting the right people on the right service or maintenance job at the right time.”


  • Set, schedule, track and escalate regular planned maintenance or tasks.
  • Ability to set frequency and actions.
  • Attach documents – i.e. SWMS, worksheets or procedures, clearance certificates.
  • Notifications able to be sent to key personnel.
  • Alert contractors and employees of the regular task and allocate responsible persons.
  • Increased efficiency and accountability.


Rapid Service Alert can be used to manage any repetitive task and its related actions. This can include (but is not limited to) audits, inspections, preventative maintenance, asset management and contract renewals.

Rapid Service Alert allows you to start using the system for free for up to 5 users. If you wish you are then able to upgrade your package should you require more users.

You are allocated 5 users in the free system. You as the administrator are counted as one user and you then have 4 users available that can be allocated to workers. When you set up a worker (allocate a job or task to a person) this person will count as one user.

Users are anyone who either creates a task (an administrator) or is allocated a task ( a worker) in Rapid Service Alert.

Login is via a user name and password. When an administrator adds a worker to their system they are sent an email prompting them to login with their email address and create a password.

Yes. Simply set the repetition rate and Rapid Service Alert will take care of automating the reoccurring task by sending it at the allocated time and date to the worker.

Yes. It is a good idea to attach documents such as safe work method statements (SWMS), procedures or any other resources to assist the worker to complete the job.