Request, create and issue work permits with Rapid Permit.

If workers and contractors could request work permits online, you could save your business a lot of time. Rapid Permit is a fully hosted online software system that facilitates the request, creation and issue of online work permits. These include confined space entry, hot work, and working at heights, to name a few.

With Rapid Permit, you can validate and issue any type of work permit straight from your computer, iPad or tablet.

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Eliminate work permit headaches

Any permit that requires issuance can be included in this online system to ensure that all permit records are consolidated and stored in one location for your ease of use. All permits are kept for each job or work order, along with other essential information such as safe work method statements. Upon the completion of a job, all permit to work forms are closed and any issues/ hazards will be reported. This makes hunting for misplaced papers a thing of the past. And when audit times commence, you can access these documents with a simple click.

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The permit system empowers you to:

  • Create and issue online work permits
  • Receive high-risk work permit requests from your workers
  • Collect and store all necessary documentation
  • Centrally store all work permits in one place
  • Report issues or hazards after the work is complete
  • Gain control over high-risk activities and meet safety regulations

“Rapid Permit To Work. Where compliance meets simplicity.”


Rapid Permit is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Simple to use and customisable to any business or industry. Able to incorporate all permit types.

Permits requested online by contractor.

Managers are notified immediately via email when a permit request for their area is submitted for approval.

Ensures permits are easily requested by contractors and employees through an online form.

Easy online access for all workers to request work permits.

Create unlimited induction and training courses.

Paperwork is able to be attached to work orders or jobs and stored in the system.

All permits are able to be customised and included in the system.

Provides reliable and consistent data evidence of permits issued.


Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about Rapid Permit.

What devices does Rapid Permit work on?

Currently the system is designed to work on an iPad. We are developing the system to also be compatible with other platforms such as touch screens. iPads have been selected as the preferred device due to the portability and the flexibility of being able to carry the device whilst on the job.

How is the contractor issued a work request in Rapid Permit?

When the administrator creates a work order, Rapid Permit To Work notifies the contractor via email. The contractor is then able to login to their portal (or attend the site iPad) and fill out the work permits associated with the work request.

Do you provide outdoor/all weather cases for the iPads?

Yes. We can arrange this for your Rapid Permit solution.

What sort of permits can be included in the system?

All permits are able to be included, for example hot work, working at height, excavation/ break in, electrical work, confined space, all clearance certificates.

Can this system be implemented worldwide?

Yes. The software and the iPad (if required) can be shipped to all locations across the globe.

Will I still need paper copies of my permits?

No. This system eliminates the need for paper copies and ensures all permits are centrally stored in one database, providing a systematic approach to keeping records for auditing purposes.

Can I allow my contractors to attach documents to support the work permit?

Yes. Documents are able to be attached according to the permit type, this could include worksheets or safe operating procedures.

What if my worker fails to sign off when they leave the site?

The worker must indicate how long they anticipate they will be on site for when they sign in. Should they fail to sign out, you are able to sign out on their behalf or the system can automatically sign the worker out.

Can the worker report any issues or hazards they might find when on site?

Yes. Rapid Permit has a feature to allow the worker to report issues and/or hazards at any time whilst on site.

Do I need to have Rapid Contractor in order to purchase Rapid Permit?

Yes. Rapid Permit operates in conjunction with Rapid Contractor. Contractor’s details are stored in Rapid Contractor and retrieved during the work request process. Rapid Contractor also performs the important function of ensuring the contractor company associated with the worker is compliant and fully insured. This ensures you are unable to issue work orders to uninsured or non compliant contractor companies. If you would like a customised version that does not require Rapid Contractor, please speak with one of our sales staff to discuss the possible solutions.

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Our API allows clients to integrate other 3rd party systems with their RG system. For example, our API can be used to integrate HR, Asset Management and Work Order software with us.