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The faster way to training and compliance.

In any business, time is money. Why not get your employees and contractors trained, compliant, inducted and on the job faster?

Rapid Induct is an award-winning online learning management system that creates and delivers online induction and training courses. This 100% customisable system is fully hosted and accessible from any internet-enabled device or computer, 24/7 so you never miss a beat.

Rapid Induct is perfect for African companies of all sizes, across multiple industries. Even businesses with multiple sites can benefit from this system through the ability to remotely train or induct their personnel.

Many global names like Ford, Kraft Foods and Boeing Aero structures trust Rapid Induct to train their employees or contractors. Rapid Induct can be tailored to suit every business category or industry in the country and abroad. These include mining, property management, and even health care, to name a few.

Best of all, Rapid Induct gives you firm control of your content. Edit courses, add modules, create questionnaires, checklists or surveys, and change images with our simple editing controls.

As the most reliable and efficient way to get the right people on the right job at the right time, Rapid Induct will help you put your best foot forward and meet legal requirements for compliance in Africa!

“Rapid Induct is simply the most reliable and effcient way of getting the right people on the right job at the right time.”


  • Contains permission levels for key personnel and security levels.
  • Uses Rapid Store to provide a central storage facility for documents.
  • Allows documents to be shared with inductees and companies.
  • Ensures site managers can manage their own courses and report on their personnel independently where required.
  • Has the ability to create forms, checklists and surveys.
  • Produces a certificate for each learner including declaration, pass score, checklist and questions.
  • Is able to include plastic data enabled ID cards with QR code.
  • Offers telephonic support for learners and administrators.
  • Allows data to be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Create unlimited induction and training courses.
  • Edit and design online courses.
  • Deliver the right training to the right people using our highly functional training matrix.
  • Inbuilt contractor specific tools.
  • Create training that includes Video, Audio, Images, Text and Flash.
  • Includes on going training and technical support for administrators.
  • Multi-site and multi-administrator capability.
  • Includes free App. Check inductee status and certificates on the spot. No more waiting for certificates to be printed.


No, although the name implies inductions, Rapid Induct actually has the ability to house all types of online courses including training.

The product began as an online induction tool, but has grown to become a learning management system (LMS) type of application that is sophisticated enough to manage any training, including storing the details of a learner’s external training sessions such as an offsite face to face course.

Rapid Induct uses passwords that are sent to the learner via SMS or email. The email contains both the learner’s unique password and a link to the login screen to complete their course. Each password is unique and secure.

Yes. Many of our clients regularly create courses in Rapid Induct simply by typing directly into our simple to use editor, adding images, video or audio and creating questionnaires. It is very easy to use and not at all like most technically difficult LMS applications. Ask us for a demo to see how easy it is.

Yes. We offer course compilation services. We even have course writers who can assist with designing any course you may need.

You can add any images, video or audio to your courses.

No. Rapid Induct is fully hosted online, meaning you only need a computer with internet access.

Because our experience tells us that our client’s want a system that is seamless and streamlined. Not only is our software extremely reliable, but by offering full administrator support you are assured that you and your staff can always have access to tutorials, user guides and a real person at the other end of the phone or email to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. We know that software often comes with the perception of being problematic and difficult to use. We take away this stigma and believe when you provide service combined with superior technology clients appreciate the value for money.

One of the mantra’s at Rapid Global is to give our clients control over their applications and this includes Rapid Induct. We have created our software so that you don’t have to stick within the limitations of a generic system but instead we give you the ability to control settings and customise features all with a tick of a box. Features such as adding a new administrator and individualising their permissions, modify your company structure and create courses linked to that location, run site specific reports, set up learner categories to reflect your workforce and much more. You will be surprised by just how much you can do in Rapid Induct.

We specialise in fully branded systems. This can include login screens and course design. Ask to see some examples of how we apply your logo and look and feel.

Yes. Our system pioneered the collection of documents from workers during their online learning. In your demo you will see how this is achieved as well as other great features for managing contractors.

Yes. This certificate can contain various information all of which you can customise by selecting which features of the certificate you wish to have included in your system.

Yes. Our App allows you to check a learner’s status when out in the field, on site or anywhere at all, making it very convenient for you to know which workers have been inducted and trained even if they have forgotten their printed certificate or if you are not in front of a computer screen. It’s great for spot checks of contractors to ensure they are inducted.