Incidents happen, report them with ease using Rapid Incident.

Any incident no matter the size could impact your business negatively. It’s what makes reporting them so important. Give your staff the platform to report an Incident, NCR or Customer Complaint as soon as it occurs, from any computer with internet access. With Rapid Incident, you get the most efficient way of reporting and managing Incidents and complaints, so that you can resolve them and get your people back on the job.

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Eliminate incident reporting headaches

With an online, fully hosted system for the management of complaints and reporting process, now any member of staff has access to a reporting mechanism for all Incidents within the workplace. From investigation to corrective actions, and reporting on statistics, Rapid Incident ensures the lifecycle of every incident is completed and recorded for your reference.

If your business is looking to improve the reporting and investigating of incidents or complaints, or if your business has suffered from a fatality or severe personal injury in the workplace, then this is definitely a solution for you. Some of the world’s most respected names such as Mondelêz International, African Minerals, Allied Mills and Nexus already rely on Rapid Incident. As a fully customisable business tool, any company regardless of industry can use it to record all Incident types.

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Rapid online incident management system empowers you to:

  • Report all incident types within the workplace
  • Report a site incident using an OHS incident report template
  • Have a central incident register and incident management tools
  • Investigate occupational health and safety incidents
  • Attach documents to incident reports
  • Implement corrective actions and escalate notifications
  • Create custom, compliant health and safety reports

“Online Incident Reporting software for effectively managing accidents and incidents within any workplace.”


Rapid Incident is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Easy online access so you can access this system from any computer with internet access.

Users are assigned different access depending on their role. Provides on going training and technical support for administrators.

Notifications are escalated according to incident type and organisation structure. Contains the ability of auto notification of loss of time injuries to a particular manager or notify a particular department or site.

Ensures all incidents are followed through, investigated and corrective actions are completed.

Allows for customisation of incident types, with the form automatically displaying only the relevant sections to the person reporting the incident.

Create custom, board ready reports – displaying incident types, department statistics, time for incident close out etc.

Incident types are adjustable and includes lost time injury, environmental, quality control etc.

Contains both information & data security, and provides full implementation support.

Provides excellent accessibility to be able to report an incident for all workers and report of incidents from desktop or any computer or device with internet access.


Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about Rapid Incident.

What is Rapid Incident Reporting?

Rapid Incident Reporting is an online fully hosted software application created by Rapid Global. It allows you and your workforce to report incidents instantly via an online form.

How are incidents reported in Rapid Incident Reporting?

Incidents are reported online from any computer with internet access.

Do you have to be logged in to report an incident?

No. Anyone can report an incident without needing a password. We have set up the system this way in order to avoid barriers that might prevent workers, contractors and visitors from reporting incidents as soon as they occur.

How does the system ensure all incidents are investigated and actioned?

Rapid Incident Reporting features failsafe controls that ensure that when an incident is reported, relevant personnel are automatically informed, the investigation is launched and corrective actions are completed. Alerts are triggered when investigations or actions are overdue. Reports can be run to view any overdue actions and investigations.

Can the report only include incidents that involve our workers?

No. Rapid Incident Reporting allows you to add a person’s name in the form at the time of completing the report. This means the person involved in, or reporting the incident, can be a visitor, a contractor or consultant.

Can I use Rapid Incident Reporting for reporting non injury related incidents?

Yes. There is a variety of incident types including environmental, vehicle accidents or quality reports that can be included in the report.

I need to calculate the costs of injured workers return to work/worker rehabilitation. How does Rapid Incident Reporting help?

Our system includes a section for calculating costs and hours to assist with the reporting of return to work rehabilitation. Claims are able to be created in the system and can include rehabilitation (return to work, light duties or not returning to work), fatality, physiotherapy or counseling. Attach Workcover details (international equivalent able to be incorporated), establish a work and treatment plan including duties and hours and costings.

Can we include our own risk matrix?

Yes. We have a standard risk matrix however should you have specific requirements for a unique matrix we are happy to upload it into your system.

Can we upload interview records?

Yes. What’s more, you can also include photos, audio files and upload other documents to support the investigation of the incident.

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Our API allows clients to integrate other 3rd party systems with their RG system. For example, our API can be used to integrate HR, Asset Management and Work Order software with us.