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Rapid Hazard

Managing Hazards Effectively.

What if you could control and manage workplace hazards more efficiently from any computer with Internet access? You can with Rapid Hazard Management from Rapid Global.

Rapid Hazard Management is an online, fully hosted system for the management of workplace hazards that is designed to integrate with incident reporting software. Providing a reporting mechanism for all hazard types, the system allows anyone from within the business to report a hazard. From investigation, to control measures, to ongoing assessment and reporting on statistics, our hazard management software ensures the lifecycle of the hazard is documented and controlled to reduce risk.

Rapid Hazard Management is ideal for businesses looking for a proactive solution to manage risk within the workplace. Able to include a variety of hazard types and full customisation, this online software ensures hazards are more easily identified, reported, and controlled, and the risk level reduced.

If your business is serious about the control of hazards, then Rapid Hazard Management is the online software solution for you.

Some of Africas biggest companies already rely on Rapid Hazard Management to report and investigate hazards, implement control measures and generate ongoing assessments. Companies in all industries and fields will benefit from this software, whether your industry is high-risk such as construction, transport or manufacturing, Rapid Hazard Management is fully customisable for any category of industry.

Rapid Hazard Management is simply the most efficient way of reporting and managing hazards, improving safety, reducing risk and getting your people back on the job safely.

“Improve safety, reduce risk and get back on the job.”


  • Easy online access from any computer with Internet access.
  • Users can be assigned different access depending on their role.
  • The system can be used to record all aspects of the hazard.
  • Hazard types are adjustable and customisable in line with your current organisation’s procedures.
  • Has the ability to attach photos, documentation and interview records.
  • Notifications are escalated according to hazard type and organisation structure.
  • Includes ongoing training and technical support for administrators.
  • Replaces existing Excel sheet reporting systems.
  • Ensures all hazards are assessed and control measures applied to reduce the risk rating/score.
  • Provides excellent accessibility to be able to report a hazard for all workers and report hazards from any desktop computer or device with internet access.
  • Allows for customisation of hazard types, with the form automatically displaying only the relevant sections to the person reporting the hazard.
  • Create custom, board ready reports – displaying hazard types, department statistics, risk scores etc.
  • Provides access to transparent hazard control data for management and responsible persons.
  • Multi-site and multi-administrator capability.


Rapid Hazard Management is an online fully hosted software application created by Rapid Global. It allows you and your workforce to report hazards and apply the hierarchy of control to eliminate or control the hazard using an online application.

Hazards are reported online from any computer with internet access.

No. Anyone can report a hazard without needing a password. The Report a Hazard button can be displayed on your website, login screen or even desktops and your Rapid Visitor Access System, ensuring anyone even visitors can report hazards and help make your workplace safer.

Yes. We ensure each system sold matches and enhances our client’s existing hazard types and response procedures.

Yes. This is a feature in the system and can assist in ensuring the correct procedures are followed.