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Contractor Management

Collect, verify and track your contractors!

Rapid Contractor Management has won many awards for being an efficient and respected online contractor compliance software. By ensuring that risk levels are controlled and that only compliant contractors are used in the workplace, you can avoid costly setbacks.

With Rapid Contractor Management you can maximise your productivity and compliance through collecting employee documentation and ensuring their induction. As a software system that’s hosted online, you can use our user-friendly design to manage every aspect of contractor operations. This includes all stages like pre-qualification questionnaires and the collection of licenses and certificates, right through to worker induction and ongoing performance management.

Rapid Contractor Management enables our users to collect, verify and track all contractor information to ensure compliance in accordance with African Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

Lessen your risk of non-compliance when you ensure that only inducted contractors are permitted in your workplace!

“The only system with integrated performance review functionality enabling you to benchmark the contractor’s performance.”


  • Add new suppliers
  • Supplier registration Pre-qualification + Documents
  • Verify Documents
  • Approve
  • Induction / Training
  • Person presents to site
  • Swipe card at entry
  • Entry permitted / Not permitted

Rapid Contractor Management Features

More than just software, Rapid Contractor Management partners with you to achieve your goal of work health safety compliance, incorporating features such as:

Main Benefits

  • Provides an online accessible system for the management and compliance of contractors through the pre-qualification of credentials, collection and verification of documents, insurances and certificates.
  • Provides a method of consultation and collaboration with contractors to ensure overall safety of the workplace is improved, maintained and compliant with WHS laws.
  • Allows collection of individual and company documents as required (i.e. licenses and certificates).
  • Ensures records relating to contractors are consistently documented and centrally stored.
  • Dashboard for information at a glance and easy management of all your data.
  • Ensures workplace safety information is accessible 24/7 via online induction and online publication of safety material (accessed via inductee homepage and contractor portal).
  • Automated email reminders let contractors know when documents are about to expire.
  • Tracks expiry dates of all collected information, induction and training.
  • Is able to include plastic data enabled ID cards with a QR code.
  • Able to include Rapid Performance Review for the ongoing management of contractor key performance indicators (KPl’S) and assessments.
  • Offers telephonic support for contractors and administrators.
  • Integrates with Rapid Access Systems for sign in – sign out site access including alcohol testing units and key safe dispensers.


Our in built features ensure your business is able to collect and store all contractor data including documents and compliance data. This includes a pre-qualification process to determine the contractor’s level of risk. Rapid Global also offers verification services. To find out more, contact us to have one of our sales team outline the compliance focused features.

Yes. Our system rollouts include many options to select from including printing your own cards on site or having the cards delivered directly to the contractor via our card issue centre.

Rapid Global was the pioneer of the online pre-qualification system for contractors and has continued to innovate and lead the way in this field.

Yes. The solutions are built to address your business needs. Incorporating all aspects of the contractor management life cycle, Rapid Contractor Management is able to integrate with our access systems, permit to work and contractor performance review as well as incident and hazard reporting software to provide a system that eliminates the gaps and assists with ensuring risk levels are controlled. It is the system of choice for discerning companies concerned with risk reduction, security and data integrity.