Rapid Auditor

Rapid Auditor, Rapid Auditor

Rapid Auditor

Create, schedule and complete audits with a click!

Rapid Auditor is an online audit management tool that allows you to create, schedule and complete audits from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Create and schedule audits or inspections, with a simple and fast interface that manages the entire audit lifecycle.

Save your business valuable time and money by ensuring compliance across all audit areas. Manage inspections by streamlining the auditing process, from planning to identifying non-conformance, and ensuring corrective and preventative measures are completed. Why not reduce your risk with Rapid Auditor when you complete audits to ensure an efficient risk management system?

Rapid Auditor helps African businesses reduce the time and complexity of the audit process, making it an effective end-to-end solution for complete audit lifecycle management.

“Audit management made easy! A tool to create and schedule workplace audits or inspections, Rapid Auditor is your simple and fast interface for managing the entire audit lifecycle.”


  • All Workplace Audits and Inspections
  • Risk management focus
  • Simple to use!
  • Operates as an audit tool and action plan in one document
  • Set Reminders and alerts
  • Set repetitive schedule
  • Attach Documents, Procedures, SWMS’s, Worksheets etc.
  • Allocate tasks to responsible persons and track audit
  • Administrator levels for personalized access
  • Automated audit reporting all exportable to Excel or PDF
  • View scheduled, planned and overdue audits