Rapid Access  is the easiest way to verify employees and contractors entering your site or sites.

Control your site or workplace access by introducing contractor ID cards. Cloud based, Rapid Access can be as simple as an ID card or as complex as swipe card access with onsite kiosk terminals. The solutions for onsite control are endless

Rapid Global software is used by these fine companies

Eliminate the access control headaches

If your company is concerned about personnel or contractors starting work without the correct inductions, licenses or permits, then Rapid Access is the best access management tool to streamline and control all points of entry.

Some of the world’s most respected companies like Ford and Coca-Cola trust Rapid Access to safeguard their access measures. From property management, to transport and even manufacturing, a Rapid Access can be designed to suit any business category or industry across Africa.

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This electronic visitor sign-in system empowers you to:

  • Allow multiple visitor types access your sites
  • Verify contractors coming to your sites and track hours
  • Display emergency information
  • Generate an evacuation list
  • Account for everyone in an emergency
  • Check the status of inductions, licences and insurances
  • Integrate with existing solutions such as ID card entry systems
  • Notify on-site personnel of visitor arrival
  • Use fingerprint biometrics, swipe card access or QR code.
  • Record site entry and exit using geolocation

“The yearly cost saving just in wages for managing contractors has decreased by 92% alone.”


Rapid Access is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Uses internet enabled systems for a variety of worksite applications and environments.

Option to include an on-site photo and on the spot card printing.

Able to integrate with existing on site security systems.

Contractor sign in and sign out.

Has the ability to display warnings and alerts to ensure all workers are advised of safety notices.

Cross checks with employee and contractor database.

The solution is scalable with the ability to easily grow.

Displays emergency information.

Uses a swipe card system for checking of worker’s credentials and licenses.

Work orders are chosen and responsibility checked.

Clearance to work/permits can be integrated (Rapid Permit required).

Checks the status of inductions.


Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about Rapid Access Systems.

What makes up a Rapid Access System?

Rapid Access Systems can include swipe card site entry hardware and software, turnstiles, touchscreens, computer terminals for access control and ID systems. The system is able to record onsite hours, restrict site entry to inducted and licensed contractors and take a photo of all persons entering the site.

Can the system include alcohol breath testing units?

Yes. We are able to provide fully integrated breathalyser units that can test either randomly, at specific intervals or mandatory upon entry to site. The system will then alert relevant managers via SMS and email when a positive reading is recorded.

I have a site that requires unsupervised after-hours access. How can Rapid Access Systems assist with this?

Rapid Access Systems are able to include key dispenser units integrated with our software so that a worker or contractor can sign in and be allocated a specific key even in an unmanned situation.

Do you have all weather units for outdoors installation?

Yes. We are able to accommodate virtually any type of required installation.

Can the system integrate with our existing on site boom gates or security?

Yes. We integrate with your existing systems and even can setup a blended approach involving manned guard huts and your security guards.

Our Products

We have a variety of solutions to fulfill your business needs.

Rapid Contractor Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of contractors and suppliers from a centralised location. Track expiry dates and ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety laws.

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Rapid Auditor

A system that automates audit management. It allows you to register tasks, automate reminders and complete audits and inspections from any device.

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Rapid Risk

Identify and assess any type of risks in a risk matrix and efficiently develop action plans to deal with uncertain events.

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Rapid Permit to Work

Gain control over high safety risk activities and meet workplace safety regulations. Submit, approve and track work permits online.

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Rapid Induct

Create and deliver unlimited online courses. Get your employees and contractors trained, compliant, inducted and on the job faster.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automatic notifications to the correct personnel.

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Rapid Access

Streamline your visitor sign in sign out process. Ensure only compliant personnel have access to your site. Track who is onsite and see records in real-time.

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Our API allows clients to integrate other 3rd party systems with their RG system. For example, our API can be used to integrate HR, Asset Management and Work Order software with us.