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Rapid Access Systems

The new face of access control.

Rapid Access Systems is the easiest way to verify employees and contractors entering your site. Through an online-hosted software solution that requires no data entry, you can verify and grant onsite access to employees and contractors.

Rapid Access Systems is perfect solution for the African market. It offers peace of mind to those who have site security concerns, distinct site boundaries, guarded access points, and even multiple sites.

If your company is concerned about personnel or contractors starting work without the correct inductions, licenses or permits, then Rapid Access Systems is the best access management tool to streamline and control all points of entry.

Some of the world’s most respected companies like Ford and Coca-Cola trust Rapid Access Systems to safeguard their access measures. From property management, to transport and even manufacturing, a Rapid Access System can be designed to suit any business category or industry across Africa.
Why not let Rapid Access Systems help you get the right people on the right job, at the right time?

“Control your site or workplace access by introducing contractor ID cards. Rapid Access systems can be as simple as an ID card or as complex as swipe card access with onsite kiosk terminals. The solutions for onsite control are endless.”

Rapid Access Systems Features

Rapid Access Systems Is the most Intelligent software In Its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Main Benefits

  • An easy way to verify the contractor coming on site.
  • No data entry required.
  • Access will be available at all locations.
  • Notifications to on-site personnel of worker arrival.
  • Fully hosted online solution.
  • Displays emergency information.
  • An evacuation report of all visitors on site.
  • Contractor hours are able to be monitored
  • Able to integrate with Rapid Incident Reporting to allow for reporting of incidents via touchscreen.


  • Uses internet enabled systems for a variety of worksite applications and environments.
  • Cross checks with employee and contractor database.
  • Uses a swipe card system for checking of worker’s credentials and licenses.
  • Option to include an on-site photo and on the spot card printing.
  • Has the ability to display warnings and alerts to ensure all workers are advised of safety notices.
  • Checks the status of inductions.
  • Displays emergency information.
  • Work orders are chosen and responsibility checked.
  • Clearance to work/ permits able to be integrated (Rapid Permit to Work)
  • Contractor sign in and sign out.
  • The solution is scalable with the ability to easily grow.
  • Able to integrate with existing on site security systems


Rapid Access Systems can include swipe card site entry hardware and software, turnstiles, touchscreens, computer terminals for access control and ID systems. The system is able to record onsite hours, restrict site entry to inducted and licensed contractors and take a photo of all persons entering the site.

Yes. We are able to provide fully integrated breathalyser units that can test either randomly, at specific intervals or mandatory upon entry to site. The system will then alert relevant managers via SMS and email when a positive reading is recorded.

Rapid Access Systems are able to include key dispenser units integrated with our software so that a worker or contractor can sign in and be allocated a specific key even in an unmanned situation.

Yes. We are able to accommodate virtually any type of required installation.

Yes. We integrate with your existing systems and even can setup a blended approach involving manned guard huts and your security guards.