EHS Trends, Challenges and Technologies facing South Africa – an OVS Solutions Leadership Perspective

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

Despite the economic and political challenges South Africa faces, the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) laws and regulations in the country continue to grow at a rapid rate.In the last few years, South Africa has increased its regulatory framework and structures to address increasing EHS incidents and concerns. The influence of international laws, the use of real-time technology, globalisation, public pressure and ever increasing use of systems to identify accountability of employees are all contributing factors.   

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5 Ways to Justify the Cost of Health and Safety Software to the Executive

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

Getting budget approval and buy in from senior management is not only difficulty for EHS professionals but can also be a daunting task. Did you know? Getting buy-in and budget approval is noted as a top barrier to purchasing EHS Software, with 31% of companies saying that ‘no ROI justification’ is the main barrier to getting EHS tech funding.

If you can relate to these barriers, it may be time to start building your case! Below are the top tips to help you along the way:


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5 Signs it’s time to replace your spreadsheets with online scheduling systems

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

23 August 2018

With today’s highly pressured and very performance managed working environment, it becomes ever more important that your time is efficiently and effectively managed. Time spent planning, scheduling and assigning tasks can be utilised in a more value-addding way if this process is automated. Scheduling tools can assist by automating repetitive tasks with the click of a button. They will also allow you to save and retain all information from multiple users in 1 place, so you can save time by not having to access several databases to access the information you need. If you can relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to automate your processes!

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Why Compliance is Worth the Investment

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

Safety compliance and efficient workforce management are vital to large corporations for many reasons. It’s a known fact that with a comprehensive compliance plan, the workplace becomes safer and consequently, productivity increases.

However, the benefits extend beyond the safety factor. There are numerous other positive aspects and we have outlined some of these below.

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Train your employees with ease and remain compliant with Rapid Induct 

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

Do you have a high staff turnover? Or perhaps your company is growing so much, you find yourself employing staff at an increased rate?

If so, Rapid Induct will drastically simplify your companies admin. This software can assist with a multitude of tasks, such as initial staff induction, personal document collection, exit interviews, monthly corporate surveys, questionnaires, and the training of staff.

For instance, employing new staff can lead to a lot of long and rather time consuming paperwork in the first few days of employment. With a program like Rapid Induct, which is hosted online, the orientation process can be simplified and sped up, freeing up your new employee to start work and begin familiarising themselves with the company immediately. This is beneficial to you as a company because you’re able to get the most out of your new staff member from day one, with no time or money wasted. Continue reading “Train your employees with ease and remain compliant with Rapid Induct “

Rapid Incident – The Benefit of a Centralised Incident Reporting System

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

It is a well-known fact that incidents happen in the workplace, but how a company deals with them once they’ve happened is extremely important.

Managing incidents effectively can save time, money and admin hassles. Imagine a centralised system that keeps a record of all aspects of the accident and ensures all incidents are followed through with an investigation? Well, with Rapid Incident Software, one can do just this and much more.

Staff and contractors can report an incident as soon as it happens from any computer with internet access. This ensures immediate action with an accuracy of information because the software can record and track the lifecycle of the incident. All these features provide real-time access, which ultimately makes the incident easier to address and keep a record of.

Rapid Incident keeps companies’ complaint from a health and safety point of view, but it also allows for corrective actions to be taken, in the hope that a repeat accident doesn’t occur.

One of the major benefits of a centralised and accessible system like this in place is the increased employee engagement it encourages. Any employee can contribute information and report an incident. This helps to build a sense of appreciation amongst employees. They feel like they matter by being able to contribute information and they are also encouraged, knowing that any potential incident they may be involved in would be taken seriously.

Additionally, the threat of inconstant reporting is eliminated, increasing the company’s reputation for quality control and health and safety standards.

Rapid Incident also calculates workers’ compensation and return to work costings. Claims are stored on the system and numerous costs can be included, such as rehabilitation, fatality, physiotherapy or counseling.

Let our system help you solve your injury management problems and contact us today for more information,

Rapid Global terminal installed at Demco

With the new rapid Rapid Global terminal installed at Demco, the staff have appreciated the new system in place, where incidents can be captured, tasks can be thoroughly managed and audit reports conducted.

Make sure to contact us now for a free consultation to see how Rapid Global software solutions can assist your business.

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

Prevent illegal access to site

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

During our time in the market over the past 2 years we have become aware of cases where illegal, non-compliant labour is brought to site to accelerate a project that is running late. These workers are not registered on any database or received the required induction to be on site

These illegal labourers present a significant Health & Safety as well as a Financial risk.

With a system like Rapid Access, you’re able to track who is on site at all times. You are also able to ensure that entry is strictly given to approved workers. Each employee and contractor can be assigned an ID card containing all their details which is swiped or scanned on arrival.

If unskilled and illegal labour has access to your premises, they would have access to company equipment and staff belongings.  Theft could then become an issue, not to mention potential liabilities if they were to be the cause of a workplace incident.

When linked to Rapid Contractor the software can also perform cross-checks against the employee and contractor database, thereby eliminating unauthorised personal onto a site. This system is particularly important for companies with multiple sites and high risk areas.

As well as keeping track of employee movements and access, the system monitors whether certain details are up to date. When workers swipe their access cards, the system searches the database and finds the compliance status of the individual. It will bring up a notification if their credentials are not up to date and they can then be denied access or redirected to the site officer.

With this kind of system in place, it makes it difficult for unauthorised personal access onto the property, which in turn, decreases the possibility of ghost employees on your premises. Every employee is accounted for, reducing the vulnerability of your company and risk of potential lawsuits.

If this is a solution that you could benefit from, contact us today for more information,

Effectively manage the contractors you employ

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

Keep up to date with all your company happenings and supervise contractors with the touch of a button. Furthermore, reduce your company’s admin burden, maintain a full audit trail, prevent illegal access to site and remain compliant with Health and Safety standards.

Rapid Contractor Management, allows you, the employer, to collect contractor’s information which allows you to ensure that they are compliant with legislation. Contractor Management is hosted online, so you’re able to build a database of each contractor’s details. From pre-qualifications, licenses, certifications, insurance cover and safety certifications, everything is simple and accessible, drastically reducing your admin and filing burden. It’s also the only system with a combined performance review function, which enables you to track contractor performance.

Essentially, this software is a kind of gatekeeper, making sure your contractors are fulfilling their required duties. It also tracks and sends alerts when contractors work permits and other essential documents may have expired. This prevents your workspace from becoming vulnerable to uninsured contractors.

The best part is, with these documents all uploaded on the system, dates can be tracked and automated email reminders can be sent to remind contractors to renew any necessary documents.

Additionally, when the Contractor Management software is used with our Rapid Access system, you can also prevent illegal access to site. This is a serious problem facing the construction industry in South Africa, and with this system, you’re able to monitor and control who is on site.

We want to keep your company secure and compliant and that is precisely what Rapid Contractor Management will do.
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Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

, Proactive safety measures with Rapid Global Africa

EIE Group, the partner of choice in distribution, rental and value-added services in the industrial equipment market, has an undisputed reputation for safety, value, innovation, quality and best-in-class efficiency. Known for setting standards in their industry, the EIE Group is always implementing new systems and processes that enable them to maintain their brand ethos and market leadership.

As with any respected industry pioneer, the EIE Group has faced a number of trials that made safety operations and audits a challenge. Last year marked a change for the business when a presentation by OVS Solutions (Pty) Ltd, the Africa Licensee of Rapid Global Africa posed credible and effective solutions for the problems experienced by the EIE Group.

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