Rapid Global Case Study: TEQAL

Rapid Global Case Study: TEQAL

Rapid Products in use:

  • Rapid Service Alert
  • Rapid Induct
  • Rapid Contractor Management
  • Rapid Audit
  • Rapid Incident Reporting

Teqal is a fast growing plastic injection moulding business, that specialises in innovative packaging solutions.  Their in-house toolroom and design centre, and the best design and development team in South Africa, has made them one of South Africa’s most innovative producer of exciting rigid wall packaging solutions for their chosen customers.


Teqal was looking for  a solution to assist in the management of their fast growing business, which included the purchase of many high value machinery and assets in a very short period of time.

“The Teqal Management team needed a way to keep pace with the high volume of assets that needed tagging, commissioning, snag solving and cost management.  The solution needed to be real time and paperless”

Liz O’Reilly | Risk Manager | Teqal

The process to manage the assets was challenging.  Assets needed to be installed by the approved local agents, they had to be serviced and any problems addressed within the warrantee periods – which were different for each brand of asset, and costs had to be managed effectively. Not only that, staff had to be trained on how to use the new assets and incidents had to be reported and acted on quickly.


Rapid Service Alert was commissioned to ensure each and every new asset was tagged with a QR code as it arrived, scheduled for commissioning by the approved agent on time and that the asset would be inspected by the agent 2 months before the warrantee period was reached. Rapid Service Alert was also used to plan all required tasks and to ensure the costs were budgeted for at the right time.

Staff were required to complete an online induction course, on Rapid Induct, within 1 week of the asset arriving, so we were confident they were properly trained to use the relevant machinery.

Rapid Incident Reporting was used to immediately report any snags on the new machines and Rapid Contractor Management was used to ensure all Contractors were certified, trained and approved before arriving on site.



Stakeholders within the business have responded well to the systems with Operations staff now spending far less time managing tasks manually and managing training, freeing up their time to focus on other tasks. The company is also saving significant time ensuring contractors are approved before they arrive on site, and are certified to conduct their required services. The entire team are updated live and can communicate quickly and effectively from their smartphones, using the Rapid Global App.

“Every asset was successfully commissioned, in budget and on time. We lost no money having to pay for services / problem solving outside of the warrantee periods.  All assets are tagged with a QR code that integrated with the Rapid Service Alert system, so any staff member can scan the asset with their smartphone and retrieve &/or report against tasks for the asset.  

We are confident our staff and contractors are fully trained in using and servicing our expensive assets, and we are able to supply evidence of this. The use of Rapid Incident Reporting has allowed us to analyse where we need to focus our efforts to ensure incidents are minimised”

The implementation of the products into the business has been successful and is continually being expanded throughout the portfolio.  From a risk management perspective, the outcome is a streamlined system with greater efficiencies and resulting in more control and a wider confidence in compliance throughout the business.


Rapid Service Alert
Manage daily tasks, schedule maintenance checks and ensure greater efficiency, productivity and most of all, accountability. Rapid Service Alert is a user-friendly online software system for the scheduling and allocation of tasks, including equipment maintenance and service alerts to suppliers and internal staff. https://rapidglobal.co.za/rapid-service/

Rapid Induct  is an award winning online learning management system providing more than just online course delivery. With features such as document delivery and collection, Rapid Induct provides your organisation with the ability to ensure resources, such as site maps and safety documents, are consistently accessible by users. Safety documents are accessible by the worker 24/7 by simply logging in with their password. https://my.rapidglobal.com/Web/Account/Logon

Rapid Contractor Management
Rapid Contractor Management is is the most efficient way for businesses to collect contractors’ documentation to ensure they are compliant with legislation. Rapid Contractor Management is a fully hosted online software system designed to manage every aspect of contractor operations, from pre- qualification and license collection, through to ongoing  performance management. https://rapidglobal.co.za/products/rapid-contractor/

Rapid Incident Reporting
Manage incidents through a simple yet efficient process with an online system that makes a real difference. With Rapid Incident Reporting, your superior workplace Incident, NCR or Customer Complaint reporting can be done with absolute ease. https://rapidglobal.co.za/products/rapid-incident/