Schweppes Asahi

Schweppes Asahi

Technology provides a fresh approach to contractor and site safety

Schweppes Australia/ Asahi is an iconic Australian beverage manufacturer and distributor with over 40 leading beverage brands manufactured and distributed throughout Australia. With an organisation spread across 23 sites and a large contractor workforce, Schweppes Australia has been using Rapid Global software products since 2009 to drive their safety message and ensure contractor compliance is uniform and standardised across the organisation.


  • Iconic Australian manufacturer and distributor of non-alcoholic ready to drink beverages
  • A subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd, Japan’s largest brewer.
  • 1500+ employees
  • 3000+ contractors
  • 40+ product brands
  • Using Rapid products since 2009


With multiple sites to manage and a contractor workforce that involves both diversity of job roles as well as vast numbers of individuals, it was difficult for Schweppes to ensure all contractors were being trained adequately prior to site arrival. Face to face inductions were time consuming. Schweppes Australia did not wish to completely end the practice of face to face training, management were looking for a method of ensuring individuals were inducted prior to start of work in an efficient and productive manner.

The compliance status of contractors (both the contractor company and the individual contractor) was also a challenge for the business to manage. Understanding the risk level of the contractor company, their insurance status and ensuring the individual workers were inducted into the safety culture of the business was a priority. The Executive team were seeking a solution that provided them with transparency of information and ensured reliable data on all contractors could be accessed across the entire organisation.

“In addition to contractor management challenges, Schweppes Australia was also looking for a way to better manage visitors attending site and had a desire to move away from the traditional manual paper based visitor sign in system.”


Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management were implemented into the business in 2009 and has become the basis of the organisation’s safety and risk management system. By providing the business as a whole with the ability to provide a structured and consistent method of induction training, Rapid Induct has successfully managed the training of more than 3000 inductees.

Rapid Induct is also used to train site administrators on the use of the software systems to ensure all Site Managers are equally able to effectively use the software to manage contractors.

Rapid Contractor Management has been employed as the software through which all contractor companies must register and provide their safety and compliance details such as insurance certificates and licenses. ID swipe cards are sent from the Rapid Global head office directly to the contractors once they have registered and completed their online training. The contractor then arrives on site ready to work and is easily identified.

For site visitor sign in, Rapid Access Systems are currently (2015) being rolled out across Victorian sites to manage the daily influx of site visitors.


For Schweppes Australia, the technology introduced to manage workplace induction training and the contractor compliance information and documentation has transformed their processes from a heavily manual and time consuming one to an auditable and robust system.

“Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management are proven systems and can be tailored to the way our company operates. With emails and reminders being automatically sent to contractors, as well as tracking of insurance expiry dates and right up to ID swipe cards. You can’t get more technologically advanced than that!”

Schweppes Australia continues to supplement the online induction with face to face training by providing a site orientation walk around upon the worker’s arrival.

“The online induction through Rapid Induct saves time and resources for our business. The face to face orientation is a reinforcement of the information provided to the worker and backs up the online training.”

During normal operations and when needed, management will use the online induction system to request contractors resit the safety induction. This occurs in situations where further education is deemed necessary on important safety issues such as the policies regarding the use of the mobile phone whilst driving.

Contractor compliance levels are much higher and the business as a whole has been able to reduce the risk of engaging non-compliant contractors. With Rapid Contractor Management collecting and storing insurance information, the business now is confident of all contractor insurance information being tracked. Expiring insurance certificates trigger alerts in the system and email notifications are sent to the contractor to alert them to action and update their insurance information.

The latest phase of roll out for Schweppes Australia has been the Rapid Visitor Access System at the Laverton Victoria site. This touchscreen sign in / sign out system is able to alert host employees when their visitor arrives, provides the Site Manager with an evacuation list and logs all site visitor information.

“Knowing who is on site and when they arrived is a big benefit for the business especially in managing emergency evacuations.”
Tony Garing, Health and Safety Systems Manager, Schweppes Australia/ Asahi


Rapid Induct

Rapid Induct is an award winning online learning management system providing more than just online course delivery. With features such as document delivery and collection, Rapid Induct provides your organisation with the ability to ensure resources, such as site maps and safety documents, are consistently accessible by users. Safety documents are accessible by the worker 24/7 by simply logging in with their password.

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Rapid Access Systems

Revolutionise the way you welcome visitors and contractors to your site or workplace.

Greet your site visitors and contractors with a touchscreen sign in/ sign out system that includes visitor label printing, site emergency evacuation, induction, record of attendance and hours on site.

Providing a point of entry visitor attendance log in system that is able to notify your staff when their visitor arrives. This product is available with fingerprint scanning and ID cards as optional configurations. Key dispenser cabinets can also be included to auto dispense keys securely to workers on arrival thereby providing greater security for your site.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Contractor Management is is the most efficient way for businesses to collect contractors’ documentation to ensure they are compliant with legislation. Rapid Contractor Management is a fully hosted online software system designed to manage every aspect of contractor operations, from pre-qualification and license collection, through to ongoing performance management.

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