Rapid Global Case Study: St John’s Grammar School

Rapid Global Case Study: St John’s Grammar School

Rapid Products in use:

  • Rapid Induct
  • Rapid Contractor Management

Established in 1958, St John’s Grammar School is an educational institution from Montessori to Year 12. They have 150 staff and 133 contractors spread across 3 sites located in the Adelaide Hills.


With a number of contractors being accumulated on a regular basis, an efficient system was required which could help St John’s to effectively induct and manage their contractors and staff. The fact that people were spread across multiple departments or on ad hoc paper-based contractor management systems further increased their desire to move all data into a centralised, online location.

“There was drive to begin an online component of staff inductions and move away from a paper-based system.” – Amanda Carbery, Compliance Officer


Using Rapid Induct, St John’s Grammar School are able to easily identify which personnel type each of their inductees is and which company they work for. They have separated their personnel types into the following 5 categories:

  • Contractor
  • Permanent staff
  • Relief and casual staff
  • Visitor
  • Volunteer

The distinction between personnel types and the ability to quickly filter through people in the Rapid Contractor Management system allows St John’s to find the right person from the right company at the right time. Further, they appreciate that when inductees have documents or inductions that are due to expire soon, both the contractor and the St John’s administrator receives emails advising that action is required. This way they can make sure that no one is missed.

“The expiration emails to [the inductee] and to myself as the administrator are really good to ensure they are always in date.”


One of the most convenient benefits that St John’s have found from using the Rapid systems is meeting their legislative Work, Health and Safety requirements. Having all inductees in an easily findable online location means that there never needs to be any question as to whether a person is properly inducted or not. A quick search will promptly reveal the full induction history of anyone at the school.

“By ensuring that contractors have up to date information and documents it ensures that we are meeting our obligations under the WHS Legislation… You can see a visible ‘paper’ trail of who the inductees are and where they are at within the induction process.”


Rapid Induct

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