Rapid Global Case Study: NOVION

Rapid Products in use:

  • Rapid Induct
  • Rapid Contractor Management
  • Rapid Access Systems

Novion is one of Australia’s leading retail asset management companies with an asset portfolio of over 37 retail shopping centres including Chadstone Shopping Centre in Victoria. The figures for this client are impressive! More than 5100 retailers and over 5,000 contractor companies to manage nationwide equates to more than 45,000 inductees to train and over 31,500 insurance documents to manage.


Since 2009, Novion has been using Rapid Induct for contractor inductions for all centres. Converting to online induction for contractors provided real time savings benefits to the centre management teams however with contractor insurance documents still being managed separately in individual databases, an integrated and streamlined contractor management system was required.


In 2013 Rapid Contractor Management was introduced across the organisation.

“Rapid Global knew the business and an integrated solution was a natural fit”.


“By reducing the workloads in centres and providing us with regular catch ups post implementation and on a monthly basis to tweak and improve the system…this has effectively improved and streamlined the overall compliance process nationwide”.

Martin Hammarberg| Risk & Insurance Manager | Novion

Importantly centre operations managers now have greater ability to control and monitor contractors on site.


Previously relying solely on their individual site databases for contractor insurance information, there is now a much greater level of comfort across the organisation that contractors on site are compliant. The system keeps the administrators up to date on the contractor’s compliance status, whilst they also draw on the data for incident investigation and for daily internal reporting.

“Now all operations managers have complete visibility. They can check the compliance status of a contractor right away, nationwide”.

Having trialled Rapid Access Systems in Queensland sites for the G20 Summit, plans are already in place for a full roll out of access systems for all centres.


Rapid Induct

Rapid Induct is an award winning online learning management system providing more than just online course delivery. With features such as document delivery and collection, Rapid Induct provides your organisation with the ability to ensure resources, such as site maps and safety documents, are consistently accessible by users. Safety documents are accessible by the worker 24/7 by simply logging in with their password.

Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Contractor Management is is the most efficient way for businesses to collect contractors’ documentation to ensure they are compliant with legislation. Rapid Contractor Management is a fully hosted online software system designed to manage every aspect of contractor operations, from pre- qualification and license collection, through to ongoing performance management.

Rapid Access Systems

Revolutionise the way you welcome visitors and contractors to your site or workplace.

Greet your site visitors and contractors with a touchscreen sign in/ sign out system that includes visitor label printing, site emergency evacuation, induction, record of attendance and hours on site.

Providing a point of entry visitor attendance log in system that is able to notify your staff when their visitor arrives. This product is available with fingerprint scanning and ID cards as optional configurations. Key dispenser cabinets can also be included to auto dispense keys securely to workers on arrival thereby providing greater security for your site.