Mirvac delivers safety management plan.

  • Products used: Rapid Induct, Access, Contractor, and Permit
  • Key Dispenser Cabinets
  • Real estate and Construction Industries
  • Headquartered in Sydney

60 000



Shopping centres managed across Australia

96 million

Individual visits to site per year

Beginning in 1972, Mirvac have become one of Australia’s leading real estate development and construction companies. Headquartered in Sydney, Mirvac boasts more than 40 years experience in the Australian development and construction industry and create, own, and manage a diverse portfolio of assets across the office, retail, industrial and residential sectors.

Within the retail sector Mirvac manage more than 14 shopping centres across Australia, has more than 60,000 contractors and experiences more than 96 million individual visits to site per year, making it imperative that Mirvac have a Safety Management Plan with the complexity to ensure it can deliver on its safety compliance requirements.

Mirvac’s safety responsibilities include contractors working on site, tenants operating on their properties, Mirvac employees and the general public who visit their facilities.

With a diverse property portfolio and a vast number of contractors to manage, the challenge for Mirvac was to find a solution that provides a way for the company to consult and communicate effectively with the contractor workforce, assess contractor activity risk and manage hazards through stringent process controls.

The challenge was to find a solution that provides a way for Mirvac to consult and communicate effectively with the contractor workforce.

We have been able to take what was once a labour intensive process and convert it into a simple automated system.

Mirvac was already a user of Rapid Induct for online inductions and a decision was made to implement further Rapid products to assist in the process safety model. Rapid Contractor Management, Rapid Access Systems and Rapid Permit To Work with key dispenser cabinets have been implemented to provide an integrated safety solution to manage inductions, site access, contractor assessments and work permits.

The safety of the facilities is now underpinned by the use of technology to ensure the lifecycle of the contractor is managed effectively to reduce risk to the workplace and the members of the public who visit the properties. The solution provides a robust system to manage contractor pre engagement, the communication of safety culture, policies and procedures through online training and stringent control of onsite hazardous activities through the onsite automated permit to work and access control software.

“The property management industry has traditionally found it challenging to manage contractor compliance. With the challenges of multiple buildings, a vast number of contractors and the logistics of distance, it can be difficult to control risks.

Rapid Contractor Management has made a significant contribution to the industry by providing an end to end online solution that solves the problems of determining contractor compliance and risk levels. Property management companies using Rapid Contractor Management now have a safe and reliable way of ensuring contractor compliance and this means safer buildings for everyone involved.

At Mirvac Real Estate, we have been able to take what was once a labour intensive process and convert it into a simple automated system. Importantly, there has been a marked improvement in the efficiency of the way we communicate and consult with our contractors about the safety of our sites.

By using Rapid Contractor Management we are sure that each contractor company we engage is compliant with legislation and Mirvac policies. This translates directly to real safety results for our business and a greater awareness of the responsibility everyone has to make sure the sites are safe workplaces.” – Ken Hawkins – Property Manager

Through the automation of key administrative tasks, Mirvac has been able to implement safe work practices that provide for the control of hazards during work activities such as confined space entry, working at height and opening process equipment as well as control over entrance to the facility by contractors and other workers. The process of pre-qualifying contractors enables greater control of risk and prevention of hazards.

Online induction of contractors prior to site arrival promotes safety culture and ensures communication of policies and procedures. Mirvac now has the tools for effective safety lifecycle management and control and is able to respond promptly to contractor related hazards that might arise whilst the contractor is on site.

Providing excellent reporting capabilities and solid evidence of safe work practices, the Rapid solutions implemented throughout Mirvac facilities bring the benefits of an integrated safety control system. Rather than having a varied approach throughout the portfolio, Mirvac now has one integrated system performing a variety of safety functions. This in turn reduces the risk of human error and provides a systematic and robust safety control process.

The Rapid Contractor Management software makes contractor records and documentation available, auditable and accessible to the Mirvac management team whilst also assisting in establishing the objectives of contractor accountability and responsibility.

In addition, this approach reduces the burden on the facilities management team to control the vast number of contractors that work on Mirvac sites each day. The organisation as a whole now has the assurance that all properties in the portfolio are consistently and systematically controlled in regards to access, contractor “at risk” activities and the release of security keys.

Mirvac has been able to implement safe work practices that provide for the control of hazards during work activities, as well as control over entrance to the facility.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of contractors and suppliers from a centralised location. Track expiry dates and ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety laws.

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Rapid Auditor

A system that automates audit management. It allows you to register tasks, automate reminders and complete audits and inspections from any device.

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Rapid Risk

Identify and assess any type of risks in a risk matrix and efficiently develop action plans to deal with uncertain events.

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Rapid Permit to Work

Gain control over high safety risk activities and meet workplace safety regulations. Submit, approve and track work permits online.

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Rapid Induct

Create and deliver unlimited online courses. Get your employees and contractors trained, compliant, inducted and on the job faster.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automatic notifications to the correct personnel.

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Rapid Access

Streamline your visitor sign in sign out process. Ensure only compliant personnel have access to your site. Track who is onsite and see records in real-time.

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