L’Oréal South Africa

As a globally recognised brand, L’Oréal is a leader and award-winner in the hair care, skin care and makeup categories. On South African shores, they are continuously setting new benchmarks in sustainability and ethical manufacturing.


As a brand that manufactures and distributes on a large scale, L’Oréal find themselves having to coordinate staff, departments and product lines simultaneously. This often makes audits, compliance and incident reporting a somewhat daunting prospect within a reputable operation of this size and capacity.

L’Oréal SA has to complete 13 audits in a 3-year cycle, which includes legal, manufacturing and ISO standards. In the past, the corrective actions of these audits would need to have been captured manually – a rather tedious task to say the least. As a result of this, there was a debilitating backlog of information that had not as yet been captured, dating all the way back to 2011.

A setback like this one caused the L’Oréal SA team realise that they needed a specialised tool to help them make up for lost time. The brand began to look for a tool that would minimise the time spent on capturing data, so that they could maximise their productivity.


In a meeting with the Rapid Global Africa team in early 2016, it was recommended that L’Oréal make use of the Rapid Auditor and Rapid Incident solutions to effectively manage the administration burden. This was the turning point that began positive and notable changes that appeared to make a real difference.

With all Rapid Global Africa products and services being tailored to suit the needs of the L’Oréal SA brand, there was never a need search elsewhere for alternate solutions. As a result, L’Oréal immediately began a productive and successful working partnership with Rapid Global Africa – a partnership that still continues today.


A year on, and the excellent results experienced by L’Oréal SA speak for themselves. When the brand first implemented our products, they had over 27 pages of corrective actions to complete. Today, they’re facing less than four. Needless to say, remaining compliant is no longer an issue for L’Oréal SA.

“Rapid Global’s solutions have made us more efficient, compliant and successful. Their products really get everyone involved because they’re so easy to use. Explaining the system to the staff took minutes and after that, everyone was ready to go! The customer service has also been great, whenever they call me for feedback, I never have anything negative to tell them.” – Elisma Nienaber L’Oréal SA

Accountability within the L’Oréal SA stable has also reached new heights with the help of Rapid Global Africa’s solutions. With each person being responsible for their own incident reporting and corrective actions, the workload is now shared and completed with ease, eliminating any data capturing backlogs.

The implementation of Rapid Global solutions at L’Oreal has been a resounding success. The brand attributes this to our products and their ease of use, and we too believe this to be the case. From our years of experience, we know that simple operating systems are far less daunting and always met with less resistance to change. It’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge solutions that are easy to implement and even easier to maintain.


Rapid Auditor

Rapid Auditor is an online audit management tool that allows you to create, schedule and complete audits from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Create and schedule audits or inspections, with a simple and fast interface that manages the entire audit lifecycle.

Save your business valuable time and money by ensuring compliance across all audit areas. Manage inspections by streamlining the auditing process, from planning to identifying non-conformance, and ensuring corrective and preventative measures are completed.

Rapid Incident

Any incident no matter the size could impact your business negatively. It’s what makes reporting them so important. Give your staff the platform to report an Incident, NCR or Customer Complaint as soon as it occurs, from any computer with Internet access.

Manage incidents through a simple yet efficient process with an online system that makes a real difference. With Rapid Incident Reporting, your superior workplace Incident, NCR or Customer Complaint reporting can be done with absolute ease.

With Rapid Incident, you get the most efficient way of reporting and managing Incidents and complaints, so that you can resolve them and get your people back on the job.