Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder

Rapid Contractor Management software assists Goodman Fielder to reduce risk and improve site safety compliance

Goodman Fielder is a leading food company across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. With well-known brands such as Helga’s, White Wings, Praise and Meadow Lea, Goodman Fielder is headquartered in Sydney and employs over 5,000 people in Australasia and the Pacific Islands. Their leading products are manufactured in over 40 plants in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Caledonia.


  • 50 Australasian sites
  • 16 Australian sites
  • 5000+ employees
  • 2500+ contractor companies
  • 11000+ documents
  • 12000+ individual contractors
  • 6 Visitor Access terminals


Goodman Fielder approached Rapid Global to find a solution to manage their extensive contractor workforce and improve site safety. Contractor workers are used throughout the business in areas such as maintenance and in the supply chain arm as an important resource to meet the fluctuating labour demands of the business operations.

The existing system for managing contractors was very cumbersome and involved manually collecting contractor documents. These documents were then saved in various directories with each site often using a different process. The Executive Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) team identified the gaps in the contractor management process and saw there was an increased need for the business to ensure the contractors are compliant in order to manage the risks.

“You can outsource the labour but not your responsibilities, therefore we needed to make sure contractors are compliant, inducted and signed off. This was a massive task within our business culturally and in regards to capability.“

Charles Charalambous
Regional Safety, Health and Environment Manager

For the 5 Victorian sites which are self-insured, regular audits were revealing areas of continuous non conformance in regards to the management of contractor compliance information such as licenses, insurances and their risk management systems.

“Sustaining our self-insurance was the key. Our self-insurance licence could be removed if we did not effectively manage these areas of non-conformance across the business. We also were using a haphazard method of inducting these contractors and the Executive team had no control over the induction content that was being delivered or its effectiveness.”

Contractors were inducted in a traditional face to face method via a powerpoint created by each site with a short and simple questionnaire. The effectiveness of this induction method was questionable and very reliant on the diligence of the site staff, resources and availability of trained people to manage this task. When arriving at site there was little structure around the way that contractors were identified and site access control was inadequate.


Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management were introduced to the business to provide a structured and streamlined system that the entire business could use as a centralised contractor database. Contractor companies are now required to register online and are identified according to their risk level. A low risk contractor such as a Consultant is automatically streamed into a more simplified pre-qualification process by the online system, with more high risk contractors, such as those working in high voltage or electrical work, automatically provided with a more stringent pre-qualification form by the online system.

Licenses and risk management documentation are collected and expiry dates tracked.

“Through the Rapid Contractor Management software we collect the contractor’s safety manual and this shows us their capabilities in regards to managing risk. We also ask for an example of a SWMS or a JSA which is of similar nature to the work they are doing at our site. The safety manuals are verified by the executive SHE team and the SWMS etc are managed by the relevant Project Manager or Maintenance team.“

Once the company is compliant, their workers are able to complete inductions online and are sent ID cards that they then carry to site.

The 5 Victorian plants as well as the Sydney Head Office have Rapid Visitor Access systems installed in order to assist in the control of site security. The system is able to record all site visitors including contractors and notifies the host when the visitor arrives. When a contractor arrives to site their company documentation (insurances etc) as well as their individual induction and license status are checked and only compliant personnel are permitted to enter site.


“We now have a lot more confidence that we are compliant in the management of our contractors. We have also seen a reduction in non-conformance in our self-insurance auditing.“

Contractor evaluations are now more streamlined and involve less work because they all compliant and performing well.

“If you have good compliant contractors you are continually re-engaging their services and assisting them to develop the necessary safety skills. Some smaller contractors don’t like the amount of accountability and transparency this system brings because it catches them out. It really exposes people that are not compliant and that is what we love about it. We have consolidated the number of contractors used across the business because of this. The amount of admin work required when you have more contractors on the books is greater so to consolidate reduces this workload and our site and Operations Managers appreciate this.”

The notes section in Rapid Contractor Management is used to record non-conformances as well as any breaches that have happened. That way if anyone is using that company they do a search and check their history. The software acts as a contractor database and enables the business to keep on top of any non-compliance.

The Rapid Visitor Access system acts as a gatekeeper to keep any non-compliant contractors from carrying out work on the sites.

“Because we audit the contractors continuously we ensure we have compliant contractors for each function. If an expert is required that is not in the system we can then get them set up within a couple of hours. If this is not possible then they are treated as visitors and are 100 % supervised. This is now a very rare occurrence.“

Charles Charalambous
Regional Safety, Health and Environment Manager


Rapid Induct

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