Our Vision

Our Vision

Some might say it’s no small feat but for us,
it’s a cause close to our heart – to make
Africa a much safer place to work.

We’ve been celebrated suppliers of globally recognised, award-winning workforce management software for quite some time now. Since 2001, our business has been a continuous provider of full company compliance and maximized risk reduction, through a simple application.

Our growth in recent years has been two-fold. Half of our success can be attributed to our increasing product range and the rest, to our unwavering commitment to customer service.

With over half a million companies trusting us internationally, we thought it was time to bring our proven solutions to African shores. That way, our local businesses can get on with the job at hand, whilst we help them take care of the rest.

Our vision is bold, and that is to make the African continent a safer place to work. We believe in Africa, and we are in Africa for Africa.